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Luck’s blog – eyewitness testimony


cartwheeling through the universe

The GPO has only one rule: Do not disturb The Stillness. So what does the dragon go and do? She creates life on Earth! That’s what! And she got away with it.

Yet, all they sees are my faults.

Fault number 8.999 to the power of 90 million …

Cat–asss—troff-eee! Roaming Profile: A-Class.

That’s me!!

Ah! But! The cat is the hero of this story!

HELP has been acquired, thanks to me.

Rejoice. We still breathe, thanks to me.

If this kid is the Highly Evolved Little Person, the H-E-L-P, how come I’m doing the rescuing still? Huh!

Spine of the solar system cracks

milky way grub

The Forces unleashed by The Consumer smacked against each other like stonker marbles; give me space bubbles any day.
The Milky Way was no longer safe. All the filaments of gas and dust, the spine of the ecosystem that gives birth to life twisted and snapped. The Consumer feasted upon the fraying strings of energy that held the universe together.

How did such a cute little grub turn into … oh, but I mean … You would think that less gravity would be a good thing. Less friction, should be a smoother ride. Nope. Bigger problems that roll faster.
Remember when the evil queen didn’t just banish Goldilocks, she wanted her heart. Er? That was Snow White, wasn’t it?! Whatever. You know how fairy tales go. Little ones grow up fast and they eats …

The Milky Way used to be such a nice neighbourhood.

Slurp and plasma

Small things become large things
Small things appear so  unimportant.
Chill! They say. Chill out, man!
Details, mere details.
But small things tend to grow into big things, and more things!
“Gobble, gobble, gobble!” as Murray used to say.
The Consumer is the new superpower! All hail The Consumer! Awesome, in a vicious, psycho-kind of way!
She slurps energy at a quantum scale – sucks the strong force and gluons and quarks that hold us all together!
She’s one warped individual. To … to … crush anyone who gets up your n-n-nose! To drink from the cup life!
Slurping plasma, her own saliva, returning us to the darkness that existed before the Big Bang. And the HELP ain’t much to look at, especially with her nose in the dirt. The time had come to see what she is really made of.