Mischief: 1948

Luck pulls the spark plugs on a couple of bulldozers pushing down South American rainforest, leaving them stranded. The sun beats down raising a sweat upon his brow so he scrams and dives into the river as an otter.  In the cool waters, he feels an unbidden rush of Happiness.  His whole body tingles. A tear wells in his eye.

“Happiness?” he laughs, instantly recognizing the scent of his old rival, the mischievous Dragon of Light. All the memories of the good times they had when they were pals flood his mind. He suddenly remembers their favorite game, cloud farting. They used to fly through the skies farting little white clouds while breaking the sound barrier.

Happiness particles spiral through Luck as pure energy, like light through glass, sound through air, a heart beat surfing your insides, a brain pulse moving your big toe, like a wave in the ocean. He laughs helplessly like a child being tickled. Happiness is the sub in substance – traveling through the spaces between all the particulars that have names and the particulars as-yet unnamed!

Alas, Happiness doesn’t pay close enough attention to where she is going. She fails to recognise Luck as she tumbles his particulars, like the ocean tumbles grains of sand and stones and shells on a beach.

“Rascal!” Luck thinks. “When Geep hears about this!”

Luck surfs the subatomic waves behind her. She zooms between the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms of the river water molecules. She rushes through the Carbon and Oxygen molecules that the grass breathes in. She spirals, like blood spirals through your veins, through the spaces between photons of light, and all the spinning, weaving, moving parts of all the things that matter: your hand, a volcano, a red star.

Luck makes one fatal error. Instead of reporting her transgression on Earth to the GPO, he plays a prank just to show who’s more clever.

Luck waits for the dragon to materialize – just to make sure it’s her. He sees a dust cloud sparkle in the sunlight. Happiness particles weave together like a rainbow in a sun shower and turn to white light. But she’s not a dragon. She’s a giant otter splashing with the other otters.