Kapoot explodes

Big Bang – Kapoot!

universal order of thingsCatalogs of junk matter

One became two. Then two becomes three. Nothing mysterious about how our Whorl comes into being.

The only, most mysterious thing is the composition of Luck’s farts. Maybe traveling at the speed of light slows down the fart just enough to extract hydrogen atoms that blow up an entire universe like a balloon!


So a whole universe of junk matter springs forth with a black hole in the shape of a dragon at its heart, leaving Luck with egg on his face.

Genius doesn’t give a hoot that Luck lost the dragon – it’s the mess that they created that gets his goat. Luck just plots revenge against the creature that left him holding the bag.

And thus begins Genius’s most ambitious project: a new system to organize junk matter that is strewn all over his his dark space – it was actually the first ever 3-D painting in the Modern style ever created.

G-String counts, names, catalogs and repositions every particle of debris to form Whorls – organised stardust, what you call universes, galaxies, planets… Organized dust he calls matter. But it only works if he leaves gaps between every dust particle, this he calls space.

He designs a range of patterns that fit into different patterns that fit within patterns and discovers that spirals are better than bubbles for endless storage use.

And then carefully he begins to assemble a vast storage system by compacting debris into whorls of matter and space.

Before long he actually likes his new job and he gives himself a new title that befits his station. He calls himself The General Particle Office, or GPO,  because every particle in existence (virtual or not!) must pass through him to get a universal position. The GPO knows ever piece of dust by name and where they live – a super-dooper Global Positioning System.

Luck officially remains the janitor.

It soon dawns on the GPO that junk matter is the least of his problems. The cosmic rivalry between Luck and Happiness thwarts him at every turn, for instance, the evolution of life on Earth was not his idea at all! Actually, it was no one’s idea just like the Big Bang, biology was an accident.