Rule 1: Do not disturb the peace

By accident I discovered the best way to get rid of a dragon.

Luck's souvenir t shirt

Anyone ever met the Dragon of Light? The beast that never sleeps.

She bounces, she skips, she spins and wags – but she won’t sit still.

And turns out dragons don’t fart. That’s a good thing.

What would you call a fire-breathing, farting lizard?

A self-starting BBQ. Ha!

A one-fart wonder? Hee-hee.

But I suffer indigestion. Sometimes gas escapes. It’s the stress. Do you have any idea how bad stress is when universal peace is at stake?

I’m a walking the dragon. I fart, accidentally. She blasts off. I’m flying behind her, gripping the leash. My hands burn red.

Never had so much fun! I exchange grins with my new, best pal.

Like a rocket, ZOOM, 100,000 kilometres in a micro-split. We loop and dive straight down, smash the sound barrier.

I think we are dead. The sonic BOOM shatters the silence, shattering stillness, no more peace or harmony, just a whole lot of Kapoot!

In my head, fizz, whoosh. Except it wasn’t in my head. It was The Big Bang.

And then I saw the big, black hole. Put me out of my misery now!

Happiness left behind complete devastation.

Published by Evolution Flunky

Writer-Illustrator-Producer of Evolution Flunkies. ©2005

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