Happy Year Dot

universal order of things
Ripples of space fabric

Cosmic Chemistry

In cosmic evolution size never matters. All whorls start with the smallest of things – a particle.

In this case it all began with a string of genius who invented one-size-fits-all storage: space-bubble-wrap.

The bubbles expand to make enough space for all Outer Space and all Inner Space. His bubbles fit perfectly together, expanding in all directions to hold infinity.

Only one problem. Space bubbles are dark, light-tight. Without light there is no life. Bonus, thinks he.

He packs the DNA of life – known and unknown, existing and extinct – into dark storage.

Not a creature stirs, except for Genius.

Happy with himself, genius snuggles up in his own bubble in his dark universe and dozes off.

Universal peace and harmony prevails in his Dark Age, but not for long. In space you can’t hear a bubble pop or creep.

The dark tide swells and surges, caught in the drag of a pale pink dot, a distant whorl.

Bubbles pop in and pop out, expanding existence one space bubble at a time.

The foaming tide dashes bubbles together as it rushes towards the pink dot and the popping grows very loud.

Of course, only one thing hears a pop in space, a beast with extraordinary hearing.

She zooms out of the distance to investigate this roaring in her ears.

And the Dragon of Light squeals with delight. Wearing nothing but a pair of rose-coloured glasses, she dives in.

This is a fact.

Bubbles burst in all directions.

Rising bubbles shiver as they skip over the tide and turn to steam. Clouds form. And as the clouds cool they collide with hot clouds and rain falls for the first time ever – space rain.

The dragon adores unexpected surprises. She squeals at the magnificent madness and a large bubble pops jolting the genius from his slumber.

Published by Evolution Flunky

Writer-Illustrator-Producer of Evolution Flunkies. ©2005