Opposites Attract

Rose coloured glasses

Suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. Random things happen and that makes for the best fun.

She drops her glasses as she comes face to face with the string of genius. He goes off his nut at the mess she’s made of his hard work. She takes off in a blinding flash.

Not even stopping to consider the risk, he shoots to kill. Peace and harmony goes out the backdoor for about 14 billion years.

Agitation only leads to friction when two opposing forces come into play – in this case the forces of chaos and order.

She laughs and teases. He lets her have it!

He zaps her. He zaps her again. But she’s too fast. He’s so mad because she’s faster. Of course she is. The Dragon of Light moves at the speed of light and nothing is faster.

Finally, he uses his head. He has her glasses. Genius sets a trap. He waits.

Being very attached to her glasses, she takes the bait and he nabs her. Then he breaks her glasses. Her stomach knots in anguish.

Rather than stuff the dragon, genius keeps her as a pet. This will be his greatest regret. He fails to notice the noose hanging above him.

Dragons aren’t ever anyone’s pet. Dragons don’t forgive and never forget.

To make matters worse he names her Happiness because that’s how he feels, happy. Just because he feels good he thinks all is well again.

The mathematician zaps up ‘a janitor’ from space foam and names him Luck. He gives the janitor dragon’s ears, a tiger’s tail and a monkey face. This unknown creature walks on two legs and has two arms.

Soon the mathematician snoozes happily in his bubble wrap. The janitor ponders two instructions: Do not disturb The Stillness and take Happiness for a walk when she needs to go. Go where?

The two of them, Luck and Happiness, stare at each other. Luck decides to take her for a walk.

Existence loops back on itself and spins once. Two ends whip and snap until they meet and lock together in an infinity loop. The burning question is not how did we get here. The really big question is why did the mathematician shoot himself in the foot by being so mean?

Genius has limitations but imagine what you can do with space foam!

Published by Evolution Flunky

Writer-Illustrator-Producer of Evolution Flunkies. ©2005