You are here ☞ Ker-Plunk! ⁂✰

⚛   Listen! Her heart flutters madly … she needs me!

Don’t they always? As stubborn as her parents. Still, she’s only human, subject to fate, yet willing to change her destiny. No quitter.

They all needed me. Da Vinci, Galileo, Newton, Einstein. All heart-stoppers. Blockbusters! All desperate to release the Unknown.

Truths are a tricky business. The unspoken truth is hard to speak, let alone love. I should know. I am their god!

Worshipped through the ages at the gambling table of life. I listened to all their prayers: “Help me Luck! Save me Luck! Don’t let me down Luck!”

It ain’t talent or skill, or practice, that makes the good ones. It’s me!

Luck! That’s who. I am the difference between winning and losing, choking and breathing. You better pray that Luck is on your side in your greatest time of need, when you want the saliva of The Consumer blown off your dissolving planet.


You are here – ☞ Holes and ends and unknowns

The whole Fabric of Existence started to sag. We followed the web and weft of the thread that he had expertly crafted over the millennia to find unexpected, sudden and numerous endings – holes in the Fabric of Existence, chewed threads.Splice

People said all was as it should be and there was no other way. Holes were normal. And we had no way to show, no easy way, that they were wrong. If anyone should’ve been able to find an easy way it would have been me – easy is my middle name.

He turned to what he knew best and crafted a deviation – another possibility, an astronomical unknown. I was against it.

The General Particle Office, the engineer of the whole system of existence, spliced the light of Happiness – a single particle of light – into a string of human DNA. Meddling in the lives of unborn children was almost the last straw for me. I strongly objected, strenuously!

I just knew that I would end up doing all the work! For what else do you send to serve and protect a hero but Luck, Himself.